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CBCT Scanner At Smile With Us

At Smile With Us, Kidlington, we are one of just a handful of dentists that have an on – site CBCT Scanner. Now that might not mean that much to you at this moment so let us explain…

Our scanner allows us to produce detailed 3D cross sectional images of your jaws and teeth. Which is perfect for treatments such as dental implants. It gives us so much detailed information which enables us to perfectly plan out your treatment for better, more predictable results.

What Are The Benefits Of A CBCT Scanner?

  • CBCT scans are low-dose examinations and give an X-ray dose to the patient that is normally considerably less than a medical CT scan
  • The scan will give us detailed information which cannot be obtained from normal X-rays
  • The cost of scans if very affordable
  • The scan provides greater detailed imaging of your mouth for better, more accurate results
  • We are a wheelchair-friendly practice and you can use the scanner in your chair
  • There are very few dentists in the area that can offer this service.

During Your Scan

You will be seated in the CBCT machine. Your head will be carefully positioned and you will be asked to keep absolutely still while the scan is taken. We will ask you not to swallow, talk or move your jaw during the exposure.

The positioning takes a few minutes, but each scan takes less than a minute to perform. You might need more than one scan depending on the reason for your examination. The whole procedure should not take more than 30 minutes.

When Do We Usually Use The CBCT Scanner?

  • Predominantly with dental implant treatment
  • Also with endodontics (root treatment)
  • And its ideal for for orthodontics (braces)

If you are looking to start treatment with us here at Smile With Us, you too will be able to benefit from out CBCT Scanner for accurate, safer more reliable results.

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